The Lifecycle Marketing Agency

Most people that discover your business are not yet ready to buy. We use data to create smart marketing solutions that nurture these people into customers and ultimately brand advocates.

Are you converting?

Welcome to Andzen – the lifecycle marketing agency. We help companies to increase their customer lifetime value (CLV) by delivering timely and highly personalised marketing messages to their customers and subscribers.

At the centre of our approach is email (we were an email marketing agency in a former life). Email isn’t just a tool your customers use on a daily basis; it’s also the highest performing digital channel in terms of ROI. But inboxes are getting more and more crowded, and customers only have time for emails that are relevant to them. This is where lifecycle marketing becomes hugely important.

So what is lifecycle marketing exactly? To us, it’s about treating each customer as an individual, not as another number in your database. For example, instead of blasting a 20% off email marketing campaign to your entire database, our approach would be to set up an automated 20% discount code email that only goes to customers who have been inactive for a certain period of time, e.g. 3 months. This way you’re not giving up margin for customers who would have purchased regardless.

Lifecycle marketing also allows us to speak with customers on a more personal level.  For instance, someone who signed up via an educational blog article is likely in the research phase of the buying cycle, and should be marketed to accordingly. On the other hand, a customer who signed up via your promotional popup is probably further along in the buying cycle and may respond well to a sale or special offer.

This personalised style of email marketing can be implemented through any number of different platforms, depending on your budget and requirements. At the cheaper end of town, old favourites MailChimp and Vision6 now boast impressive automation and personalisation features; while newer players like Klaviyo and Autopilot are also making themselves known.

In the mid-tier and enterprise categories, we’re doing a lot of work with Dotmailer and Act-On, and are also a certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud agency. These platforms offer the most advanced automation capabilities and typically offer a lead scoring component for those companies with a manual sales process.

New projects typically begin with an API integration – for instance, to connect an email marketing platform with a CRM. Integrating platforms gives companies a single view of the customer, while also allowing automated emails to be triggered when certain events take place, such as a customer buying a product online.

Our in-house team consists of marketing strategists, graphic designers, web developers, and copywriters, giving us the full range of skills for end-to-end lifecycle marketing. To find out how Andzen can help your business grow, please get in touch with us, or feel free to drop into our Brisbane office.

What is lifecycle marketing?

Lifecycle Marketing is about knowing where each of your customers (or potential customers) sit in the buying cycle, and speaking to them accordingly.

Thanks to data and technology, much of this can be automated and highly personalised.

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