Template Design

What is a custom email template?

A custom email template is essentially an email designed to capture the personalised style and design of your brand within a framework, set up and ready to be populated with your content in a format that is consistent with your other digital resources.

Our custom email templates are designed specifically to meet your needs and are always tailored to the style guide of your brand. We are able to take inspiration from your current digital assets and design a template that aligns with your website’s look and feel to create a seamless user experience for every subscriber receiving your campaigns and clicking links to your website.

A custom template also allows you to customise the content to each individual subscriber, creating a more personalised email. A well-designed custom email template will create an engaging brand experience for your customers and subscribers, making it an invaluable asset to your business.

How we create a custom email template?

Our custom email templates are created in-house by our talented staff. We have designers and developers that work closely together with our marketing team to produce engaging and functional email templates tailored to you and your brand.

By looking at your brand assets, our team are able to develop templates that reflect your branding. Our team uses a variety of resources to stay ahead of the trends and keep up with the latest functionality to deliver a product that will optimise your customers’ email experience and drive sales for your company.

Our team is able to work on a multitude of platforms to create custom templates. This means that we are able to integrate easily into your existing systems. See below to view the platforms we partner with.

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