Email Marketing API

What is Email Marketing API Integration

An email marketing API integration is when you integrate an app you use in your business with your email marketing platform.

Some examples of this would be integrating your sales CRM or your accounting software with your email marketing platform so your customer data is automatically transferred.

How we do Email Marketing API Integration

We have a team of developers in house who build custom integrations between platforms to ensure your team can work in a streamlined way, reducing admin and the double entry of data.

Basic Email Marketing API Integrations

A basic email marketing API integration is a simple transferring of data from one platform to another. This can usually be achieved to do simple things like send welcome emails or pass customer data like first and surname to your email platforms.

If you’re unsure of how to get the most out of a basic email marketing integration, our inhouse team of marketing professionals can help uncover opportunities in your process to use your platforms to create more personal experiences. Passing some of your individual customer data to your email marketing platform so you can use it in campaigns can generate much more engagement and lead to higher open rates for your campaigns.

Advanced Email Marketing API Integrations

An Advanced email marketing API integration handles integrations between two platforms to pass data that requires adaptation or manipulation before it can be authenticated or if your integration requires multiple steps before the data is passed. An example of this is if you want a customer to receive an email once they’ve completed a certain combination of orders (e.g. an in store order recorded in a POS CRM and an online order recorded in an eCommerce CMS). This requires your customer history to be checked in multiple platforms to see if they qualify for the campaign and then notifies your email platform to send the campaign.

These types of integrations usually yield a high ROI as the emails you’re able to trigger are extremely personalised and create a hyper-personal experience for your customers, building significant loyalty. These types of integrations also help you build a clearer picture of all your customer data, helping you make much more informed decisions about your customers and your products.

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