Database Marketing Services

What is Database Marketing

Database marketing allows you to communicate directly to a database of customers and potential customers. This form of marketing yields greater results as it reaches only those who have an interest in your brand, product or service after they’ve chosen to opt-in to your database, often by subscribing via an online platform. You’re able to regularly communicate with this audience through email newsletters, promotional offers and digital campaigns.

Utilising a database also allows you to save information about your subscribers, particularly purchase history for use in future marketing. In doing this, you are able to time campaigns for product re-purchases, suggest similar or companion products to accompany their previous purchases. This is a powerful tool that enables you to reach interested consumers with highly relevant and tailored content.

Our team works hard to utilise the data you have available and build campaigns that will deliver results to you.

How we do Database Marketing

Our talented in-house team of expert marketers work to build your database into a valuable asset to your business. By reducing the number of inactive or disengaged users in your database, we can ensure that you are only talking to interested customers, maximising your returns.

We also work with you to grow your database not only in the number of subscribers but also by taking care to segment your database in a valuable way.

Our team will also work with you to develop campaigns and content that will deliver optimal engagement and drive sales. Newsletters are an ideal way to inform your subscribers about changes, current events within your company or new products. We can also create other campaigns tailored to specific audience within your database, or even individual consumers.

We use data to create smart marketing solutions that nurture these people into customer and ultimately brand advocates.

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