Custom API Integration

What is a Custom API Integration

Custom API integrations are custom integrations between platforms to allow for data to be passed automatically through the apps your business uses. These integrations significantly reduce admin and can remove the need for the double entry of data for your staff.

How we do Custom API Integrations

We build custom API integrations with our team of inhouse developers to ensure you get the best results possible. Our developers can also remain on hand to update the integrations as new versions of apps are published or core updates are made requiring your integrations to be updated.

Basic Custom API Integrations

A basic custom API integration is an integration between two platforms which passes basic information back and forth, facilitating the management of data within your business.

An example of this is allowing customers to update their personal details via your website and having that data be passed to your CRM. This removes the manual step of updating customer information by hand or exporting lists of customer data and importing it between the two platforms. You can also use these types of integrations to pass data between softwares you use like your website and your accounting software. This allows the automated updating of customer contact and billing information, meaning your automated emails are sent to the right place without the need for manual intervention.

Advanced Custom API Integrations

Advanced custom API integrations can handle complex or multistep integrations between two or more platforms, allowing multiple functions to be triggered from a single source or app.

An example of this is when an eCommerce customer updates their billing schedule or level of subscription online. In this instance, you’ll need the new billing information to be sent to your accounting software and have the new information passed into your sales CRM. Finally you can have a notification triggered in your email marketing software to notify the customer of the successful update.

This type of multi-layer integration requires a complex intelligence to pass information to multiple sources, check to ensure the data has been authenticated and then notify the customer of the successful update.

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