We have a range of services we can implement on an individual basis or combined to provide you with a complete lifecycle marketing strategy!

Lifecycle Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term thrown around in marketing circles over the last 12 months – but what does Lifecycle Marketing actually mean? The truth is there are countless definitions, any of which could be acceptable.


eCommerce email marketing is a specific style of email marketing focused on eCommerce sales and customer engagement. These emails are predominantly sales focused, but blog or guide content.


Database marketing allows you to communicate directly to a database of customers and potential customers. This form of marketing yields greater results as it reaches only those who have an interest in your brand, product or service.


Marketing automation involves the use of software to schedule the release of some marketing content. It allows you to deliver content to your audiences without manually releasing it each time.


A custom email template is essentially an email designed to capture the personalised style and design of your brand within a framework, set up and ready to be populated with your content in a format that is consistent with your other digital resources.


Custom API integrations are custom integrations between platforms to allow for data to be passed automatically through the apps your business uses. These integrations significantly reduce admin and can remove the need for the double entry of data for your staff.