Hubspot Implementation

What is Hubspot

Thinking about using Hubspot for your business? Want to rethink your B2C sales processes or need help with ensuring your latest idea has legs?

Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform which allows users to manage every aspect of the customer enquiry process from creating landing pages and forms to managing and scoring leads and nurturing them into clients and customers. It also functions as an email platform and CRM system to ensure you’re keeping them up to date once they’ve been successfully onboarded.

What Can Hubspot Do

Hubspot has a few key elements to recommend it for businesses looking to upgrade their sales process: it’s excellent landing page building apparatus, its intuitive automation suite and it’s in-built CRM system.

For many businesses, websites are a static instrument with emphasis placed on a “perfect” final build. Hubspot allows you to build temporary pages dedicated to specific projects, campaigns and ideas for you to test out new nurturing processes or to see what offers potential customers best respond to. Where making website or landing page adjustments would usually require development time, Hubspot allows you to spin up a new page or edit an old one using a simple building tool and attach it to workflows so you can refine your process with each and every sign up or enquiry.

It’s automation process gives you a similar amount of control. You can create workflows based on form completion criteria, develop sophisticated if/then/or processes and assign lead scores based on specific clicks. It also allows you to tinker with your processes the further into expanding them, not having to rewrite them with every small tweak.

The final element that makes it ideal for small businesses is its CRM system which integrates with its automation flow and lead scoring setup. Depending on customer values the CRM system can book time in your calendar to respond to specific enquiries, move people along a sales pipeline or create tasks based on workflow stages completed. Its Chrome extension allows you to store all email correspondence and create task reminders against client records as well to ensure completeness of paper trail.

Hubspot is ideal for small to medium businesses with existing sales workflows that want to automate some steps of the process in order to get the most out of their sales team. Every business wants to spend less time on leads that don’t meet specific criteria or who waste time and every business wants to make their sales teams lives simpler. The CRM scheduling tools trigger tasks based on workflow completions and allow businesses and sales teams to focus on hot leads and spend more time converting better quality leads at higher rates.

Andzen has experience developing nurture sequences and sales workflows for finance and software companies that wanted nimble, responsive workflows that moved qualified leads through the sale process as well as help convert customers on trial software into ongoing customers.

Key features

  • Automation suite with lead scoring
  • Email platform for regular campaigns
  • CRM integration
  • Chrome extension for ease of management
  • Extensive reporting based on ROI of enquiries received
  • Easy-to-use landing page design suite
  • Extensive workflow procedures for sales teams
  • Lead scoring and sales tools for expediting sales process
  • Centralised leads

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