Marketing for Shopify Stores

What is Shopify

Shopify has been developed to help businesses sell products through their easy-to-use platform that incorporates both eCommerce and point-of-sale system capabilities.

What can Shopify Do

The intuitive interface that makes Shopify so popular enables businesses to experience a seamless store setup. Simply select a theme to brand and customise the online store from the range of designs provided to start building sales as quickly as possible.

The flexibility to customise the store provides businesses with the opportunity to brand every facet of their storefront. This makes Shopify the perfect platform candidate for a range of industries, especially those launching an online shop to grow their business.

There are unlimited opportunities with the apps that Shopify offers. They have successfully partnered with other companies who offer additional services like Product Upsells or Discounts for those who are interested in creating additional value for subscribers throughout their journey.

Shopify has also ensured your business can continue running away from a desktop with the creation of their mobile app. This app has been built to sync directly with your Shopify site to easily manage products, inventory, orders and customer information.

Not only is Shopify easily integrated with business owners on the go, customers will have complete ease of use with multiple language, payment, shipping and tax options for you to set. This is just one of the many ways Shopify accommodates for businesses of all shapes and sizes to create an effective and successful user experience.

The platform allows you to understanding the businesses performance as well as the behaviour of customers. This is easily achieved through the wide range of analytics and reporting available to ensure you reach your store goals and growth.

Our team can ensure you get the most out of your Shopify store as well as understand your customer’s journey to take advantage of all sales opportunities.

A few of our Shopify clients

What we like about Shopify

  • Complete control over site’s HTML and CSS
  • Streamlined CMS interface
  • Inventory tracking for whichever products you want
  • Multiple variants for each product
  • Streamlined dashboard
  • Interactive real-time statistics panel
  • Coupon codes for % or fixed amount off, free shipping, etc

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