In 2015 we were named in the Anthill Smart 100 for our work with RSPCA Australia and their Hens Deserve Better campaign. Below is a summary of the campaign that won us the award.


RSPCA approached us looking for a way to give consumers a voice in the fight against the use of cage eggs by major Australian food manufacturers. The magnitude of the issue was undeniable: of approximately 16.9 million laying hens in Australia, 67 per cent were confined to cages the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

We needed to come up with an easy and convenient way for consumers to get in contact with food manufacturers. As is often the case, we knew email would hold the key, but this time we’d be using it in an entirely different way to usual.


Companies have always used email to push marketing messages to consumers. Our proposed strategy flipped the status quo by putting the power of email into the hands of the consumer, with companies on the receiving end.

We built a mechanism which gave members of the public the ability to submit emails to major Australian food manufacturers including Arnotts, Birds Eye, San Remo and McCain, via a simple web interface.

The contact form was pre-populated with a default message which urged the recipient companies to cease using cage eggs, however the consumer could alter the default text to a message of their choice. Upon submission, an email was sent to each company’s consumer relations departments.


The ease of use for the end user made this campaign a huge success. Giving feedback to companies had traditionally been a tedious and time consuming process for consumers, so the true success of this campaign was in its ability to activate a motivated yet time poor audience through convenience.

During the campaign period, thousands of consumers used the interface to submit their concerns to food manufacturers. As a result of the campaign, several high profile food brands including Subway, Lean Cuisine, Leggo’s and The Food Company publicly announced their switch to using only cage-free eggs in their manufacturing.