The Problem

Heart of Australia delivers fortnightly specialist medical treatment to regional and remote communities across Queensland through on road clinics. To fund this venture, Heart of Australia is dependent on sponsorship from partner companies after having been denied Government funding in the past.

After hearing of these struggles, the ABC’s Australian Story invited the Heart of Australia founder to be interviewed for their show to bring light to the unique program he established. The Heart of Australia team saw this as an opportunity to raise much needed awareness of their rural care service and initiate support from the community and government figures.

Andzen assisted the Heart of Australia team by implementing marketing strategies and technical support to ensure this opportunity for awareness was fully utilised with no website difficulties.

The Solution

Email Campaigns
To increase awareness of the Australian Story interview, the current Heart of Australia database was contacted. This audience was the first point of contact as previous monthly communications showed strong engagement and interaction, which was necessary to increase awareness.

This campaign detailed the interview airing details as well as a short trailer provided by the ABC and was sent on the day of the interview. This short time frame was chosen so that the information stayed front of mind.

A campaign was also scheduled to be sent out after the interview aired with a link to the full story for those that missed the live show. This post-campaign was created to generate additional awareness to the subscriber audience while the interview was still generating growth.

Social Media
Social Media was another tool used to create awareness of the Australian Story interview. It was important to communicate with the established Heart of Australia page members however this platform was mainly used to reach users outside of the current audience.

Australian Story’s Facebook page has an audience size of over 130,000. In order to capitalize on their audience, posts from the Australian Story page relating to the interview were shared. The page was also tagged where possible to reach this larger audience.

Website Caching
To avoid any disruption to the Heart of Australia website with the high amounts of additional traffic, caching was implemented to ensure there were no time delays or long load times.

Donation Form
Heart of Australia anticipated that the interview would spark monetary generosity from community members, particularly due to the lack of government support. To ensure viewers could help the Heart of Australia team, a donation page was added permanently to the site.

The Results

Email Campaigns
The campaigns sent before and after the ABC interview had a successful response. Both campaigns saw increased engagement compared to previous campaigns with a 6% increase in open rates and 2% increase in click rates. The unsubscribe rate was also lower than previous campaigns which was a positive indicator of support from the audience.

Social Media
Overall, 6 posts were created to generate engagement prior to the interview airing. By capitalizing on other users audiences through tagging and sharing, the organic traffic that these posts reached increased from 1,000 users to over 15,000.

This new reach and exposure not only increased awareness around the interview but grew the Heart of Australia Facebook page significantly. The total page likes on the page increased by 74% on the night of the interview, with a continued high growth over the weeks following. The page was viewed 2,825 times on the night of the interview which was more than triple the amount of pageviews regularly received.

Website Caching
As a result of the Australian Story interview, website traffic increased significantly with just 51 sessions on July 17th before jumping to 2,505 session on the night of July 18th. Implementing caching allowed the website to handle the additional traffic without any time delays or errors.

Donation Form
The donation form was added as a new page within the Heart of Australia website in order for it to be easily accessible. This page wasn’t promoted and sat on the site as an additional page.

Implementing a donation form into the site was incredibly successful and generated a total of 78 donations on the night that the interview aired. Within the 3 days following this, another 32 donations were received.

A company’s digital presence is more important than ever and Andzen have delivered on every request and challenge we’ve ever given them. They’ve been great to work with and give us the security we need to manage our organisation while they manage our website.

-Dina Cavallucci, Partnership Engagement Manager, Heart of Australia