Bruder is a Queensland-based family business producing luxury, Australian-made off-road camper trailers. The trailers combine modern technology and comforts with the traditional camper experience.

The Problem

The Bruder EXP-6 was Bruder’s first product offering, meaning there was a need to build interest, excitement and trust in a new product and brand.

In previous endeavours in the industry, the Bruder team had experienced a high volume of low-quality leads resulting in a tiresome sales process. Andzen was engaged to help prevent this problem and ensure Bruder’s small sales team could focus on serious, qualified leads and cut down on wasted time during the crucial startup phase of the business.

The Solution

Lead Nurture Strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing the Bruder team was servicing the number of enquiries they received about their products. With a small sales team, it was vital they were receiving the most qualified leads first while still keeping less serious leads engaged with the brand.

To achieve this, we created a two-step enquiry process with an extended and detailed lead nurture email series to support the journey.

Firstly, in order to see the price of the Bruder EXP-6, a website visitor had to submit a price enquiry on the website. This was a basic web form which was made available on most pages of the website. Upon completion, the user received an email immediately, pointing them towards a fact sheet with country-specific pricing and specifications.

From here, if the user was happy with the pricing and wished to complete their enquiry, they could do so with the simple click of a button. These enquiries we marked as hot leads in Bruder’s CRM and were treated as high priority by the sales team. After completing their enquiry, the lead would receive three emails over the course of a week, further educating them on the product and business.

Enquiring visitors who did not complete their enquiry after seeing the price were placed into an extended lead nurture email series, designed to keep them engaged while they think further about the commitment. This was an eight-part email series spanning two months, slowly providing the lead with more information on the Bruder EXP-6 trailer along with the background story of the brand and the family behind it.

Social Media

Prior to the launch of the product, Bruder needed a campaign that showcased the industry-leading off-road capabilities of the EXP-6, as well as the luxurious interior features never before seen in off-road camper trailers.

Using drone footage and photographs of the caravan on an outback road trip, we were able to build a series of Facebook carousel ads which highlighted all the features of the EXP-6. We published these ads over the course of a month, generating initial excitement for the product launch and continued traffic to the website.

This campaign also generated organic attention, with the videos being shared constantly during the four-week campaign and also being feature on industry forums and blogs.


The Bruder website was redeveloped from a basic informational site into an interactive and highly engaging digital experience.

Each page of the website had multiple enquiry capture points, giving visitors numerous opportunities to express their interest throughout the journey. Dedicated feature pages highlighted the unique selling points of the EXP-6 in a logical fashion, while clearly presented FAQs reduced the volume of technical questions received by the Bruder team.

By providing detailed product information as well as easy capture points throughout the site, we minimised the likelihood of an interested visitor slipping through the cracks without enquiring. The high volume of enquiries that resulted was countered by the lead qualification process, requiring the user to acknowledge the pricing before completing their enquiry.

The Result

Utilising Facebook’s carousel ad feature with compelling images of Bruder’s state-of-the-art features, we were able to run a series of ads during the launch month which created significant traction through paid and organic posts.

The launch campaign generated more than 285,000 impressions. At the end of the month-long launch campaign, we’d generated 19,000 website hits at $0.06 per click from Facebook and Instagram – an exceptionally low cost per click for such brilliant engagement.

During the launch campaign, we tracked more than 28,000 sessions on the Bruder website, with an average time on site of nearly three minutes. These elements combined generated approximately one thousand enquiries during the launch campaign, at a conversion rate of around 3%.

The email users received upon submission of an enquiry achieved an average open rate of 86% with an average click-through rate of 70%.

17% of enquiring users went as far as completing their enquiry after seeing the pricing and specifications, giving the Bruder sales team a manageable volume of highly qualified, highly engaged leads to focus on.

Those who did not complete their enquiry were added to two-month nurture process. These emails averaged a 72% open rate and a click-through rate of 23%, continuing to filter qualified leads through to the sales team. Surprisingly, the eighth and final email in this series had the strongest engagement, with a 75% open rate and 50% click-through rate.

Andzen laid the foundation and created a strategy that has lead to us having more success at launch that we could have imagined. They took the time to learn our brand and our needs and created everything we needed to have an efficient sales process.

“We’ve been pushed to manufacture more products, faster, to service the number of leads we’ve been able to generate. We couldn’t have asked Andzen for anything better than that!”
– Dan Bosschieter, Managing Director