We’ve all seen it before: a hastily scrawled Christmas card from someone we did business with in March but haven’t heard from since, maybe a funny image of the usually serious boss in a Santa hat or a Rudolph nose. We squint in recognition and we’re done. Maybe we leave it on the communal shelf at work, maybe it’s thrown out seconds after.

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Sound old fashioned? It is.

Did you send the email equivalent last year? Did you send an email that wasn’t personalised, didn’t say anything meaningful? Had low opens and was hastily sent on 22 December when most people have left for school holidays, are braving the last minute shopping or just mentally checked out? You bet.

As much as it’s about the hustle and bustle, Christmas is always an opportunity to reflect. It’s a time to consider what you’ve achieved, how you’ve succeeded or where you’ve fallen short. We forget sometimes in our focus on business to business that ultimately people do business with people. We love a good story and we love success stories, whether it’s riding high or making a comeback. We want to hear your story and your Christmas email is a good time to shout it from the rooftops.

How was your 2016? Was it good or bad? Did things change significantly? Did the business grow or did you complete an interesting project this year? Who is new to the team and how have they changed the business? If something bad happened (you lost a key account, a major supplier fell through) what did you do to bounce back?

It’s a great opportunity to show a little about your brand. Are you funny or earnest? Insert a gif that tells the story of your year or represents your experiences.

Want an excuse to catch up in the New Year? Ask a question of your audience and follow up with them in January to find their answer.

If you’ve had a year where nothing happened, nothing interesting crossed your path or you’re just not fussed, you still can’t afford to communicate without a purpose. Your email should, at a minimum, tell your subscribers what your Christmas hours will be, when you’ll be back and anything else they might need to know while you take a well-deserved break.

Want to celebrate your successes and send a Christmas email that matters? Get in touch with the team today to spread that Yuletide cheer!

Matt Ryan

About Matt Ryan

I help my clients find and communicate with their audiences, capturing leads online and delivering personalised content to customers and subscribers at crucial times in the buying cycle, informed by their individual habits and experiences. Email has one of the highest engagement rates of any digital platform, with transparent and trackable metrics that demonstrate how marketing is making an active difference to your business and to your customers. It's not bound by algorithms out of your control - the only barrier to engagement is the quality of your content and the quality of your customers. I work with a portfolio of client accounts and a support team of developers and designers to execute meticulously planned digital campaigns for a variety of industries, including finance, education, health, technology and hospitality.