For all the baubles, decorations and feelings of goodwill that the end of the year brings, it also brings with it a sense of helter skelter, a mad dash to the finish. Whether that’s closing your last deal, selling your last bargain or wrapping that final present there is so much hustle and bustle just to get to Christmas.

Christmas parties and other events are part and parcel for the season. Managing these commitments are hard enough for yourself even if you’re not responsible for throwing an end-of-year function. With limited time and competing attention, there are a few ways we can use marketing automation to help make managing RSVPs for your Christmas party that much easier.

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When sending your invitation, consider what you’re asking people to do. Are they RSVPing yes, no or maybe? Use clear buttons and marketing automation to segment your attendees based on what option they click onto different lists. All they need to do is click!

This will help you keep track of who is coming without asking them to reply to your email and you manually tracking in a spreadsheet. Marketing automation can also be used to help you clarify who has special dietary requirements or accessibility considerations.

When it comes time to the event date and sending the reminder, use buttons and marketing automation to ask their guests if they can still make it or if their details have changed. If nothing has changed, they’ll only have to confirm they are attending. If circumstances have changed it also gives them an easy out if their schedule no longer allows them to attend. If invitees have RSVP’d “no” or “maybe”, use marketing automation to send them a thank you message or a follow up to ask them to confirm they are attending.

Spending 30 minutes at the outset of your invitation will allow you to collect RSVP’s easily and automatically during the busy holiday season. You’ll also be saving your invitees time by allowing them to opt in or out depending on their schedules and you’ll be saving yourself the time and stress of chasing down RSVP’s.

What do you want for Christmas? We just might have what you’re after. Get in touch before the end of the year to help make your 2017 the best year your business has ever had.

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