In this episode Jason speaks with the team about lifecycle marketing and what it means to Andzen as an agency. Transform your digital marketing by tapping into the customer lifecycle with intelligent, personalised marketing that builds lifetime value.

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Nicole Klinakis

About Nicole Klinakis

A tea enthusiast and eager marketing youngster all the same. With an undergrad in Marketing and a post-grad in Creative Advertising underway, my interests lie in branding and innovative customer experiences that will cement relationships for the long haul. I definitely swing to the creative side when it comes to marketing. I love everything about content creation, social media and copywriting, and have a curiosity for e-commerce. In my short but sweet working life I’ve dabbled in range of industries, my favourites being travel and nutrition, but the best part about working for Andzen is that I get to specialise in a variety areas on a daily basis. It could be mining one moment and menswear the next - every day holds something different and I’m always up for the challenge! When I’m not in the office you’ll find me playing outdoors, either working out or lazing on the beach…usually with my head buried in a book. I also find adventuring across the globe with an Aperol Sprtiz in-hand quite enjoyable.