It’s time for Round Two!

After a hugely successful first event, it’s time to meet again at Andzen HQ for some of the best ecommerce mastery discussion in Brisbane!

Come join us on Tuesday, June 26th, as we get deep into the topic of ‘Customer Lifetime Value’. We’ll host a panel of key speakers who’ll provide practical advice on growing the value of each of your customers.

Our three feature speakers:

They’ll all take to the stage to share their own unique insights into growing average order values and frequency. With sound advice for your own ecommerce business to take home and implement. Plus, answer any burning questions you might have in a Q&A session!

Attendance is of course free, and complimentary drinks and finger food will be provided. Join our Meetup community and register your place here!

If this is your first time attending one of our Ecommerce Marketing Mastery events, here’s what to expect…  

See you there!

Jackson Hills

About Jackson Hills

Hi, I’m Jackson; Andzen's Digital Content Producer. I write copy for our client businesses - whether it be email campaigns, blog posts, social media posts or something new. It's my job to write stuff that converts, boosts engagement and pushes brands to new heights. In my spare time, I enjoy piano, reading books, and writing short stories.